ECO2 is a Venturi injector specifically designed for aquaculture. With this simple device it is possible to enrich water via a pump or by gravity, with air or pure oxygen at a high dissolution transfer rate. It can operate with air, pure oxygen or ozone. It can also add and mix liquids, such as chemicals or disinfectant, into the water.
ECO2 works hydraulically, exploiting the pressure of the water passing through it, without requiring additional energy to the system.
The contact chamber of the ECO2 allows a high dissolution of injected gas by increasing both the surface area, and the time of contact between air and water.
ECO2 is complete with three different nozzles to be compatible with water inputs and flow, in order to inject varying amounts of air.
In this way it is possible to always obtain the best ratio between the quantity of air / oxygen / ozone to be injected and the relative water flow.
ECO2 is very robust and requires no maintenance. Each injector is able to operate in a pressure range between 0.8-1.8 atm with relative water flow rate between 30 and 150l/min.
ECO2 can auto-inject air up to 1.2mt, with a pressure injector for ozone, oxygen, and other chemicals in a 10 meter plus water column.