Among all available technologies, ozone disinfection is the one that ensures the highest levels of efficiency and safety, as it acts quickly and on a larger number of bacterial strains.
Moreover, using ozone also allows to avoid any chemical residues in the water. For this reason, it is an excellent disinfection technology when followed by a secondary irrigation use.
Ozone can also be used to decolour wastewater, as it acts on molecules responsible for water colouring.
Being very unstable under atmospheric pressure, ozone reacts almost immediately leaving no residues.
Ozone can also be used to balance the COD/BOD report in industrial sewage, making wastewaters more biodegradable. Finally, it is an excellent aid in foaming processes.
Acquaecoremedy manufactures systems that spread ozone and put it into contact with water, both in vats and under pressure, always paying great attention to the dissolution rate.